Why I Created this Blog

Writing has always been a secret passion of mine. I’ve always kept a journal, English has always been my best topic, and dropping rhymes that make my friends question my sanity has become my favorite pastime.

Yet, I have never done anything with what I write. I will gladly talk someones ear off about my life and the current events that plague my mind until I feel like I’ve ranted enough, or until I realize that I just repeated myself about five times. It’s moments like these that inspire me to put down all the craziness consuming my head into one place.

SO! I have created the category: A Penny for Your Thoughts, where whatever topic is prevalent in my life at that moment, I will write about, and hopefully it can spark a conversation that I would love for all my readers to participate in.

Besides all of the random stuff that comes to mind, I also enjoy writing about my favorite places in the Twin Cities, my obsession with coffee, the passion I have for learning about different cultures and languages, the immense desire I have to travel anywhere and everywhere I possibly can, and the stories of what happens in my life everyday.

My hope in creating this blog is that I can inspire and entertain others with the moments I have during this time of my life. If I learn something valuable, find a positive way for myself and others to enhance their lives, or am able to bring a smile to a readers face, then my blog will have achieved its purpose.

A penny for your thoughts anyone?

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16 thoughts on “Why I Created this Blog

  1. I love reading your blog lexie! I am also a coffee lover and enjoy all of your posts and cute pictures taken at coffee shops! You are truly good with words (and a camera!) Keep pursuing your dreams good luck! πŸ™‚