Travel Video: Copenhagen, Denmark

I wanted this video to capture the fun and energy of the city of Copenhagen. It’s a city full of color, culture, cuisine, and couture. This is the footage I was able to capture in the three days I was here.

I recorded this video with a Hero6 Black on my trip to Denmark. The quality of the footage is incredible, and the camera itself is so easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone looking to record high quality video easily on the go.

Three days was not nearly enough time in Copenhagen, but it was enough for me to be able to see around the incredible area. It’s easy to see why so many travelers love coming to this city every year.

I hope you enjoyed this video and the little taste of Copenhagen I was able to bring home with me.

Song: 2 Heads by Coleman Hell

To learn more about the lifestyle in Copenhagen, read the full post about it Here!

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    Travel Video: Copenhagen, Denmark

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