Why You Need the Think Dirty App

Have you been wanting to clean up your makeup and skincare products? I don’t mean “clean up” the spills of liquid and powder that are bound to happen to the best of us. I mean “clean up” your products by cutting out the toxic ingredients that are harmful to your health! This post will share how the Think Dirty app is going to change how you view your products forever.

Why do we need to be educated consumers?

Our world is more connected today than ever with the internet and social media! It’s about time we became educated consumers when it comes to our personal products! Did you know that the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic act hasn’t been changed since 1938?! That’s over 80 years of the same chemicals, many of which have been found to be harmful, legally being allowed to stay in our products!

Since the U.S. government doesn’t seem to want to make a change, someone else had to do something about it. It’s time for us as consumers to start understanding what we are really putting on and in our bodies. We need to educate ourselves, so that we can vote with our money. Our purchases as consumers serve as our voice. We can use our voices together to make a change in the makeup and skincare industry for healthier products. Toxic chemicals are sooo last century.

So where can we start?

That’s where the Think Dirty App comes in.

How does Think Dirty work?

Think Dirty has over 1.3 million products in its database. Each one is individually ranked with a score from 0 (the best) to 10 (the worst). It gives a product a score by looking at each ingredient on its list; while providing you with a description of what that ingredient does and it’s rating. Then, it will give the product an overall score. If it ranks at a 0-3 it’s considered clean, a score of 4-7 is half-and-half, and anything ranking between 8-10 is called dirty.

By using your camera, you can scan the barcode on your makeup and skincare products to see what they rank. It was shocking to discover that many of my high end products ranked just as low as my drugstore products!

You can also create a “bathroom shelf” to see what your overall rating is for all of the products you use. It’s extremely eye opening to see the variety of harmful chemicals that are put in our personal products. Many consumers find themselves feeling betrayed by these large cosmetic and skincare companies when they find out the truth. It’s hard to know what we are putting on our bodies when we can’t even pronounce the ingredients name! We just assume that the product is safe and don’t think twice about it. Think Dirty is great for helping us to comprehend what the long scientific names for these ingredients really are, and what they are doing in our products in the first place.

Are you ready to start Thinking Dirty?

If your jaw is about to hit the floor by these revelations, then Think Dirty is ready to help you out. I was shocked by all of the gross chemicals that were in the products I was using everyday, and wanted to make a change. Think Dirty has plenty of recommendations for products that rank well. They make it so convenient to switch by providing links to all of the products in their database, so you can go buy them right away.

This app has helped me to learn so much about the ingredients in my products and has made me a smarter consumer. I feel more in control of what I allow to come into contact with my skin. Slowly but surely, I have started to change my daily personal products to cleaner alternatives that work just as well (or even better) than my old conventional products.

I guess you could say that I’m Thinking Dirty. Are you?

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Why You Need the Think Dirty App

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