What to Pack for a One Week European Trip

What to Pack for a Week Long European Trip

You get one suitcase. One. For a week long trip. To Europe. What are you going to pack? We don’t have two hours to waste staring at our closets and wondering what to pack, my friend. So what exactly can we fit into our suitcase for a European getaway, that is versatile, and also has […]

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The Twin Cities’ Agra-Culture

This weekend’s adventure was to Agra-Culture, a restaurant in Uptown Minneapolis. They have some great options for anyone, and are especially focused on vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Agra-Culture also has fresh juice presses and cleanses. I had the Chicken Apple Flatbread that had roasted chicken, organic apple, mozzarella, organic arugula, and agra vinaigrette, with a […]

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Blonde Hair and the Budget Cares

I’ve been dying my hair since I got my first set of highlights at eleven years old. I’ve been every shade of blonde under the sun and even went dark dark brunette for a while. Looking back, that was a poor choice since I probably looked like a vampire with how pale my skin is, and I […]

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Farmers Market Flowers & The Buttered Tin 

This morning began bright and early at 7:00 am and for a Saturday, that’s a lot to ask of anyone. So, after meeting up with my friend Megan and her family, we stopped for a quick (and much-needed) Starbucks run, and then headed to the Saint Paul Farmers Market. Once we walked through all of […]

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