Stay Stress-Free & Organized

For those of us in college, another semester has arrived once again. As I am preparing to take on another overflowing course load; I sat down to write about the things I do every day to stay prepared, organized and stress-free.

If you are no longer in school but have the other struggle of pure “adult-ing”, I think these tips may be helpful for your every day life as well.

Let’s get started!

Buy a Planner

I can’t stress it enough how implementing a planner into my daily life has changed how I take on each day. A planner is key to staying on track with assignments, applications, group projects, meetings, extracurriculars, etc. I find that when I write out what needs to be done each day, I am more prone to being productive and more efficient with my time. Personally, I like planning out what needs to be done the night before. This way, when I go to bed, I know exactly what I need to do from the second I wake up in the morning.

Create a Checklist

Within that planner, I like to make a checklist. As weird as it may sound, I LOVE checking things off a list (am I the only one??). To me, it is so satisfying to finish a task that I planned to get done that day, and being able to check it off the list helps me get a final sense of completeness. I recommend writing out your checklist from most to least important. Even though sometimes the most important thing is often the biggest or most stressful; getting it out of the way will make the rest of your day feel a lot easier and stress free when you no longer have to worry about it.

Get into a Morning Routine

A key way to not get sidetracked is to have a daily routine to follow. This is partially where having a planner and a checklist come in handy. I like to plan my days around what I need to get done, but before I can take on the day I follow the same morning routine. When you find a routine that makes your mornings easier, it often makes taking on the day seem like less of a mountain to climb over. Developing a routine gives you a sense of familiarity for every day. Even though each day is different, making your mornings easy equals one less thing to be stressed about. For some people, it’s getting up at the same time every day and having a cup of coffee to wake up. Others, enjoy reading articles or flipping through social media on their phones.

Whatever your mornings look like, find a routine that works for your lifestyle and stick with it.

Plan an Outfit the Night Before

To help your morning routine go smoothly, try planning out your outfit the night before! I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted in the morning staring at my closet, trying to figure out what to wear! Save yourself the headache and pick out your outfit the night before. When you look at your planner for what needs to be done the next day; this gives you the opportunity to strategically plan your outfit to feel your absolute best the next morning. Do yourself a favor and pick out what makes you confident tonight, so you can take on the world tomorrow.

Take Care of Your Health

This is an important one! Taking care of your health mentally and/or physically will not only affect your day, but also how you function in general. Set aside time to focus on your well being and focus on what you need to stay happy and healthy. How you choose to do that looks different for everyone! As long as you are doing what makes you feel confident and content with yourself, that’s all that matters in the end. When you feel positive about your health, your whole view of the world around you becomes more positive too.

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Clean your Workspace.

Whether you work in your bedroom, living room, the library, or the office, to avoid distractions make sure this area is clean. When an area has too much clutter, it becomes easier to start drifting off, and lose focus of what you are working on. Keep yourself on track and only keep the essentials to what you are working on in your work space. Distraction = Procrastination, which we all know brings a lot of stress that could have been avoided with it.

Label & Color Coat

If your backpack looks like a tsunami came ripping through it, that probably means that trying to find what you’re looking for is not going to be easy. To avoid such a tragedy, try labeling and color coating your notebooks and folders. Give each subject its own color coordinated notebook and folder. This way, when you are running late to class or need to find something in a hurry, you know exactly where that subject and its materials are located.

Turn on Phone Reminders

This is probably the easiest favor you can do for yourself to stay organized. I use this app on my phone and computer every day! This is for the things that you can’t afford to miss and take absolute priority. For example, I put in reminders for when I need to pay my credit card bill, when I need to renew a prescription, when I have an appointment or a meeting, etc. This has saved me from forgetting important events so many times, and the best part is that if it’s an every day, monthly, or yearly reminder, you can schedule it on a continuous loop. You know you won’t miss a reminder since we all seem to have our phones or computers with us at all times. Take two seconds out of your day to save yourself future stress by scheduling a reminder!

Do you have any other ways that you stay organized?

Would you like me to go more in depth with any of these points?

I’d love to hear from you!

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