Do You Need to be Rich to Travel the World?

Do you need to be rich to travel the world? That is the million dollar question… and yes, the pun was fully intended. It seems that on everyone’s Instagram their lives are luxuriously spent lounging around the world on the most stunning beaches, drinking a piña colada, and soaking up the sun in their private cabana.

These people make it seem like wealth is the one key to living out the adventures of a lifetime. And well, granted, money does help us get there, it’s not everything.

It’s time we got real. You don’t have to be rich to travel the world. When you start thinking outside of the box and start bringing to life the travels you dream of. You can start today!

Here are 4 ways you can affordably see the world and do it on a budget.

1. Know your numbers

Do you have a travel budget? I know that calculating money can be a drag. There’s nothing sexy about setting a limit on how much you are allowing yourself to spend. But it’s necessary. If you aren’t in the top 1% of the rich in the world, you can’t not look at the numbers. You need to make sure that you still have enough money to pay for your daily life and then figure out where you can save for your trip. Where can you cut costs?

If you want a nice and easy template to follow, download this checklist for budgeting your dream trip.

2. Have a Travel Strategy

What even is a travel strategy? Well, if you aren’t the rich that can pay for a travel agent, you kinda have to become your own… in a way. That means learning about the best times and days to book the different parts of your trip.

This could be your airfare, hotels, tours, etc. When you know the prime times, you will be able to save yourself more money. In turn, making it more affordable.

Check out this post I wrote on the best days to buy airfare (and get the best price).

3. Pick an Affordable Location

The world has 195 countries. That means that somewhere in the world there are places that are cheaper to travel to than others. If you are using the excuse of waiting until you are rich to travel, you could instead save those pricer countries for when you do become wealthy.

But until then, why not start with what you can afford? I created a free bucket-list of the cheapest countries to travel to around the world that you can get today. Grab the list and start getting inspired about where you can afford to travel to!

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    4. Travel with a Group

    Traveling with a group can save you so much money! You’ll be rich in friends and memories from your trip together, and save money by splitting the costs as a group. What could be better than that right?

    Here’s a few different ways you could save money by traveling with a group:

    • Take a road trip! You can car pool and split the cost of gas.
    • Go with a big enough group to receive a discount on the total cost of the tour/excursion/all-inclusive/etc.
    • Rent an Airbnb with plenty of room for everyone to sleep. This will replace what is would cost for each person to pay for their own room.

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