München: A City of Culture

During my three weeks in Germany I was in awe of everything around me. Everything was so different yet so similar to what I knew back home. That is until we went to Munich.

When my group and I walked into the Marienplatz, we looked around and realized that we were surrounded by everything we had seen pictures of for years. In German class, we heard our teachers stories of the city’s beauty, watched videos about its history, and hoped that someday we would be able to experience it for ourselves.

Now we were finally here.

With the few hours we were given to explore, we went through as much of the city that we possibly could. In a quick spin, I could see the Fish’s Fountain, the Frauenkirche and Glockenspiel, and stores that my teenage budget could never afford.

Marienplatz, Frauenkirche

Fish's Fountain

We walked through a huge farmers market of fresh food, souvenirs, and sweets. Naturally, we had to stop for ice cream on the hot day that it was… twice.

Our next mission was to find the Englischer Garten- with a map. That’s right, without service on our phones, we resolved to using the ancient navigation tool of a map to find our way around the city. We did manage to find it eventually after a few wrong turns, but it was totally worth the trip. The Isar river went through the Garden and it created the literal lazy river. People just casually floated down the river well everyone else around relaxed in the grass. There’s even a man-made wave that people surf on.

FYI: There is a nudist area too. We unfortunately witnessed it.

Biking in the Rain

The next day, we went to Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the castle that Disney is based on. We first took a bike tour in the pouring rain around the area. This lead to our lovely photo in these trend-setting rain coats… 

…and then of course when the rain stopped- we went swimming in Swan Lake.

Swan Lake

Swimming in Swan Lake

When the sun came out later, we went on a steep hike (there was an optional carriage ride for those who truly want to feel like royalty) up to the castle. The castle and the view were absolutely breathtaking.

München was everything I thought it would be and more. The sights and stories I now have will last a lifetime, and I can’t wait to go back in the future.

Until next time!

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    11 thoughts on “München: A City of Culture

        1. Well, that gives you a reason to go back. You can buy a really pretty one that isn’t so expensive at one of the department stores. I bought one and even wore it to a Black Tie party, but instead of wearing the apron, I used a beautiful scarf and tied it at an angle, so that my dress looked more like a gypsy. Unfortunately, if I had worn the apron in America the guys would have been asking me for a beer all night as a joke. :). Good to improvise. So, here’s to having a beautiful Dirndle one day! You’d really enjoy going during the Christmas Market too.

        2. Yes, that is definitely a reason for going back! Originally some friends and me were going to buy some from a used store in Munich but ended up not having enough time to go back to the store. That would definitely have been interesting being asked for beer all night! So hopefully I will be able to get one someday. The christmas markets would be a great excuse to go back again 🙂

        3. Yes, go onto Youtube and look for the Xmas Markets, I think you can see a video of what they look like. Create a vision of being there… and it will happen! Keep writing.