The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Travel to Around the World in the Fall

Every season has its own unique type of beauty. The Fall is when the air gets a little crisper, the trees start to shed their leaves, and all the Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers come out. 

The Fall can have a special look and feel to it based on where you are. There are so many beautiful locations around the world that bring a whole new reality to what the season of Fall is.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful places to travel to that provide the ultimate “Fall” experience. 

1. Bavaria, Germany

The southern region of Germany is known for its rolling alps, the birthplace of Oktoberfest, and the castle that inspired Sleeping Beauty’s palace. It’s a beautiful place to go to during any time of the year, but it’s especially stunning in the Fall.

Imagine being able to take a train ride through the mountains while the foliage of the leaves changes color. It’s like a painting coming to life before your eyes. With all of the surrounding beauty, it’s also a great time to party at Oktoberfest. What could be a more appealing Fall experience to have?

2. Alberta, Canada

The Canadian National Park of Banff is flocked to by tourists at all times or the year. With its towering mountains, ever flowing forest and emerald lake ––it’s definitely a sight worth seeing. In the Fall, this view is flourishing with color as the trees start to prepare for the Winter months ahead. And a bonus: you can get out of the chilly Fall air by taking a dip in the hot springs.

3. Napa Valley, California

Fall colors and wine anyone? Going to Napa Valley during its off-season means that the hotels prices go way down, making it a great affordable option. You might not think of California as a top destination to view the warm tones of Fall, but what you will find is that the already stunning wine vineyards are where the season’s colors appear. They display rows upon rows of the unique orange and red autumn colors. 

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is known for its Cherry Blossoms in the Spring, but it is also a sight to behold in the Fall. The red pagodas around the city are highlighted by the changing leaves of the season. 

5. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

The Shenandoah Valley is the perfect place to take a road trip through. You can watch all the Fall’s foliage pass you by like a movie. Take in the incredible show that mother nature is putting on. The valley and hills present a new perspective at every turn, which will keep you captivated for hours. 

6. Paris, France

Paris is already romantic from the mystic it has surrounding it. The beauty of Fall’s warm tones contrasting with the cool blue and gray tones of the city’s landscape ––give it a vibrant breath of life. 

Take a trip to the city of love with your love this Fall to take in the cities’ beauty in a whole new way.

7. Iceland

Iceland is full of color for a land named after ice! There are many incredible sights to see in Iceland like its waterfalls, black sand beaches, and the Blue Lagoon. These places become even more surreal with the accent of the Fall tones. Make sure you bring a warm coat and your camera along to this breathtaking country!

8. Scottish Highlands, UK

Calling all Outlander fans! The Scottish Highlands in the Fall takes you on an incredible journey that will make you feel like you are living out the show yourself. The highlands are gorgeous at any time of year, but they have a certain vibrancy to them specifically during the Fall.

9. Duluth, Minnesota

The city of Duluth is located right on the tip of Lake Superior. Duluth is full of hilly roads, unique shops and often the well-known Minnesotan accent, don’tcha know? 

If you’ve ever pictured what a chilly fall day would look like spent relaxing in a log cabin while overlooking the warm fall tones surrounding the largest lake in North America, look no further than Duluth, MN. 

10. New York, New York

New York City is great for those that love the fast-paced life of the city, but still want to have the opportunity to walk through Central Park with your Pumpkin Spice Latte and chunky sweater on. 

The fashion capital of the world is the place to be if you want to rock the Fall trends and take in the atmosphere; while admiring both the Fall colors and NYC’s skyline.

Are you ready to take-off to one of these 10 stunning destinations this Fall?

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10 most beautiful places to travel around the world in the Fall

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