Guys who are “Just Friends”.

When you introduce a new guy to your life people often think two different things:

  1. He likes you.
  2. You like him.

Why is that always the “obvious” answer? Well a lot of times there IS some kind of romance going on behind the scenes. So, when you tell someone “He’s just a friend” they are usually pretty skeptical.

Here’s what I’ve learned from having two guys in my life who are just that… Friends.

My main friend group consists of two guys and two girls. And none of us are dating or have ever had a fling. We all met through a club during our freshmen year of High school, and have kind of stuck together ever since. People have often asked me “are any of you dating?”, or “do any of you have a thing?”, and the answer has always been no.

Honestly we are all more like brother and sisters than anything.

Would you make out with your brother or sister?

(Visible shudder)

We are in a point in time when guys and girls can just hangout together, share common interests, and just enjoy going places together. There doesn’t need to be any ulterior motive behind it.

Another common question is, “Are they gay?”

Again, the answer is no. And if they were I wouldn’t care. They are my friends because of who they are as a person. I hope everyone chooses their friends for that reason. If not you may need to reevaluate who your friends are, and why you chose them or vise-versa.

What’s so great about having a guy best friend?


  1. Advice on guy issues.
  2. They will be honest with you on things that your best girl friend might not be.
  3. Offering great gift ideas for the guys in your life. Ex: Boyfriends, Brothers, Dads, etc. (Because let’s be honest ladies, we usually have no clue what to buy.)
  4. Another caring person to watch out for you.

And those are just a few reasons.

To wrap it all up there doesn’t have to be any feelings attached, and if feelings do decide to bloom go for it (as long as they feel the same way)! But the reality is that guys and girls can be “just friends” together. I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

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