Good Morning from Carma Coffee

On this snowy Tuesday morning, my friend Dominic and I decided to switch up our usual after-class studying routine, and headed over to Carma Coffee.

I find that continuously repeating the same daily patterns can get boring after a while. A good change of scenery often does the trick to get my mind out of a slump and refocus on my work.

Being on a campus in the middle of an endless city means that there are so many new places to try out. Carma Coffee was another spot on our list to stop by.

The old auto repair shop still holds true to the theme and style of Carma Coffee. With an old Volkswagen chair, windowed garage doors, and comics of vintage cars, I found myself surrounded by adorable little quirks that added charm to the place.

As far as the drinks go (the most important part), Dominic had a coconut soy milk latte, which was super rich and smooth; almost comparable to european coffee! I had probably the best London Fog tea latte I’ve ever consumed in my life. Considering that my friends and I avidly drink coffee and tea; it’s hard for us to find new favorites, but I think this morning we did.

Not a bad way to shake up this snowy Minnesota day!

I also had an egg, spinach, tomato, and provolone breakfast sandwich, which I basically inhaled with how hungry I was.

Their menu for food is an array of sandwiches, soups, salads, and other daily specials.

Carma Coffee

Cheers to another coffee date in the city!

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