5 Common Items that Travelers Forget to Pack

We always seem to forget something when we pack for a trip. Isn’t that the worst? Let’s save you from future frustration today.

Here are 5 common things that seem to just sneak right by us when it comes time to pack for a trip. Plus, download the FREE Ultimate Packing List at the bottom of this post!

1. Electric converters/adapters

If you are going outside of the United States, a common traveler mistake is forgetting to pack adapters for your electronics. Electric outlets are different all over the world. Make sure you look up the type of outlets that the country you are visiting uses.

You can buy outlet adapters at almost any retail store that sells electronics, or order them online.

2. Swimsuits

If you are going to the carribean or a beach location, please please please remember to pack a swimsuit!

This one applies more to those of you who plan on traveling to a destination where you might have the opportunity to swim. You know the one where you might be able to swim in the pool, a lake, or the ocean, but it’s not what your whole trip will be about. Then, as you pack it just slips your mind to throw a swimsuit in your bag.

This is your friendly reminder to pack a swimsuit!

3. Medications and vitamins

These are often easy to forget when you are super focused on packing clothes. The majority of us keep our medications and vitamins in closed shelves, so we don’t actively see them. Which means we often forget them.

A good way to remember to pack your vitamins and medications is if you take them each day, set them out on your counter or someplace that is visible to you. This way, when it is time to pack, you’ll see them out and remember to throw them in your suitcase.

4. Lip balm

This one seems so small and simple, but it can make all the difference to have a lip balm with on your trip.

Going someplace cold and get chapped lips? Pack a lip balm. Going on a tropical getaway and sunburn your lips? Pack a lip balm to help them heal!

They are also great in a pinch if you get super dry skin and don’t have any lotion around.

Lip balm, who knew right?

5. Nail clippers

I am guilty of forgetting to pack nail clippers. You don’t realize how essential they are until you somehow manage to break a nail. Packing nail clippers will save you from picking your nails and making it worse; as well as possible pain.

Throw a set of nail clippers into your toiletry bag, you’ll be glad you did!

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5 Common Items that Travelers Forget to Pack

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