How to Find Cheap Flight Deals to Europe

In this article you are going to learn where to look for cheap flight deals to Europe, how to know when it’s the right time to buy, and get the 5 best travel apps that you need today!

Let’s get started so you can start finding those major flight deals!

Where to Look for Flight Deals

The first thing to do is figure out where in Europe you want to go. Is it one country specifically, or are you open to multiple options? The more open you are, the easier it will be to find the best flight deals. If you are stuck on one country that you really want to go to, think of the countries located around it in Europe that you could easily hop on a train to get to.

Once you have your 1-3 countries picked out, download a flight watch app. I recommend the Hopper app, which you can get the full details on, plus 4 other apps in the free download below! The Hopper app is my best friend for easily setting up flight watches. This app provides you with a forecast for when it predicts prices to drop, and it will send you a notification when a great deal arrises!

Another thing to consider is if you are okay taking a connecting flight. Companies like Iceland Air will take a short layover in Iceland before continuing on to Europe. You can also choose an extended layover if you would like to visit Iceland for a few days. There are many other companies that offer quick and efficient layovers too. Layovers are a great option for saving money on flights. It just depends on if you are open to giving up some of your time to save money.

When is it the Right Time to Buy?

If you set flight notifications for when and where you would like to travel in a flight watch app, this will alert you when the time is right to buy. These apps keep track of the average prices and know when flight deals are too good to pass up. I trust these flight watches and they haven’t failed me yet!

A good rule of thumb to follow is starting your flight watch 4-6 months out from when you are planning to travel. This will give you the best opportunity to snag the best flight deals.

When planning for a trip to Europe, it’s also good to remember that the months of May to September will be much more expensive than October to April. This is because of people wanting to travel in the Summer months when it is warmer, and people are more likely to take time off of work. If you want to save some money and warm weather isn’t a must-have for you, I highly recommend going in the Fall/Winter months. Picking a less popular time of year to travel is a great way to save money on flights.

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    How to Find Cheap Flight Deals to Europe

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