Why You Should Go On a D-Day Tour in Normandy, France

When you are visiting the beaches of Normandy, it’s hard to fathom that these seeming peaceful places are where so many lives were lost, and the tides of a war were turned on D-Day.

On June 6th, 1944 the allied forces invaded Nazi occupied France at the beaches of Normandy. In these invading battles over 209,000 allied soldiers perished.

Why you should go on a D-Day Tour:

Learn about the history

Most people know, at the bare minimum, that D-Day was one of the most important invasions during World War 2. What many people don’t know, is the order in which the events of D-Day took place.

Going on a D-Day tour allows you to experience the order of the attacks in the way they happened on that day. You also get to learn about the impact each attack had, who those missions units were, and what the outcome of the attacks were.

Learning about the history truly makes the story come to life, and creates a greater sense of appreciation for what these men went through to make this invasion successful.

Visit where it all happened

As you learn about the events of D-Day, you get to visit each of the places that they took place. Whether it’s a quick drive through a village that paratroopers landed in, or a stop to walk the beaches, you will get to see where each momentous event happened.

I enjoyed the stops at each location, as you were able to explore the sites while hearing the stories.

Hear the hero’s stories from incredible tour guides

If you get an incredible tour guide, it makes the world a difference on the tour experience you have. My tour guide was named Mike, and his life passion is sharing the stories of World War 2, specifically the D-Day events.

Having a guide that knows how each event happened, the trouble they faced, the exact times and numbers of soldiers involved, and even soldiers personal stories; it makes the whole tour come alive as if these events just happened yesterday.

D-Day tour recommendations:

I recommend finding a tour company that offers a full-day tour. There is so much history to visit and explore that a half-day truly is not enough time. I would have done a two day tour if I could have because I enjoyed the one day tour so much.

I went with a company called Bayeux Shuttle and my tour guide was Mike. They were absolutely wonderful to work with and made the experience amazing!

I would also recommend staying in the city of Bayeux if you plan on taking a D-Day tour. Most of the tours pick up from the center of the city, which makes it very convenient to stay in. If you are coming in from Paris, the long-distance trains go directly to Bayeux from the main train station in Paris.

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Why You Should Go On a D-Day Tour in Normandy, France