An Empire of Coffee

Empire Coffee & Pastry has been a longtime go-to of mine. If not for their fantastic menu, then for the atmosphere created by the white walls, green plants, and an opening wall made up by a garage door. Yes, a garage door.

Before this became a cafe it was actually an auto body shop, which I think adds some humor and more character.


I love the vibe that I get when I’m here. A reason why I love coffee shops so much, and this one especially, is because of how it can positively affect my mood for the day. Taking that hour out of my life is so important to just relax and talk about what’s on my mind with friends. Combining that with a cup of caffeinated goodness, I’m set for a great day.


Here’s the full menu, and I suggest the Grey Duck Chai (my current favorite):

Empire Coffee

Off to another one!

Empire Coffee & Pastry located at: 451 NE Stinson Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55413


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