The Best Days to Buy Airfare (and Get the Best Price)

Buying airfare is a strategy in and of itself. You can take a guess at whether you found the best price, or you can use a strategy with tips that work to guarantee the best deal.

One of these tips is to know the best days to buy airfare and why those are what they are. Let’s get started.

Book airfare on Sundays.

Airfare prices are generally cheapest to book on Sunday’s. Why? People are more inclined to relax and prepare for the week ahead. This means that most people don’t want to research anything ––especially airfare which can be associated with stress. This provides a great opportunity for you to snag low flight prices while other people avoid it. When you find a flight that works for you, wait until Sunday and see if the price goes down. More often than not they will!

Fly out on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

When booking your airfare, you will often get the best price on airfare if you choose to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Tickets will be at their lowest price for people flying out during the middle of the week or right before the week starts. These days are often cheaper because people don’t want to take off more PTO than they have to from work.

If you have a flexible work schedule or don’t mind taking a bit more paid-time-off, booking your airfare for a Tuesday or Wednesday is a great money saving option.

Start your flight search early to get the best price on airfare.

To really make sure you get the best deal on airfare, start searching earlier rather than later. This will always work in your favor. If you start looking between 6 and 4 months in advance from when you would want to leave; you can watch the prices fluctuate and will know when it’s a good deal. 

The time of year you choose to travel to a certain area also plays into how much you will have to pay. Each area has a busy “on” season and a slower “off” season. You can read more about that specifically on finding cheap airfare for Europe in this article How to Find Cheap Flight Deals to Europe.

What days of the week should you avoid flying on?

The worst days of the week to fly out on are Fridays and Sundays. These are historically the most expensive. Fridays are when people are coming home if they travel for work, or are leaving for a weekend getaway. That makes Fridays a very popular day to travel, and in turn increases the prices.

Sundays are when people are coming home from said “weekend getaway” and are returning to reality before work begins again on Monday. Avoid flying on Sundays if you can. If you can put it off until Monday, or even come back on Saturday; these are two alternatives to Sunday that could save you money on airfare.

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The Best Days to Buy Airfare (and Get the Best Price)

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