A Day in Saint Paul & Cafe Astoria

Cheers to another day of coffee, friends, and photo shoots!

Today, my friend Megan and I went to one of our new favorite cafes in Saint Paul, Cafe Astoria. With a menu full of smoothie bowls, crepes, fresh salads, and a selection of brand spankin new coffee creations- we were in a city dwellers heaven.

I had never tried a smoothie bowl until today, and now I understand the obsession. If you have never had one before, this is the place to do it. I mean just look at it…

Smoothie Bowl

Pictured: Creme Brûlée coffee and Manila Mango Smoothie Bowl.After we ate, we decided to take some pictures. And yes, we do receive looks from strangers as we adjust everything on the dang table to get the setting just right, and move into awkward positions such as this–

just to get the right lighting. In the end, it is really all worth the effort when you get a great picture. Right?

Grand Ave

We finished off the afternoon with some more pictures on Grand Ave, where we received more confused stares from drivers passing by and the much loved (note the sarcasm) cat calls.

Thanks for another day of fun, Saint Paul!

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6 thoughts on “A Day in Saint Paul & Cafe Astoria

  1. Your sunglasses are amazing, and you are a beautiful young woman. Keep blogging. I do love St. Paul, especially in the summer – a great time to be outside. Thanks for following my blog – I am honored and there will be a shout out to you soon.