10 Things You Learn About Someone by Traveling with Them

Traveling with someone else for the first time leads to many new discoveries about them. Whether they are a friend, family member, or significant other, you may find some of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

These are 10 possible things you may learn about someone by traveling with them.

1. How they handle the stress of traveling

What if your plane/bus/train is running late and you might miss the next thing you have scheduled? Of course it’s stressful… but how do they handle it? Some people cope with stress very well and are able to calmly work through the situation, well others may break down from the stress of the situation. Traveling provides plenty of stressful moments that can’t be planned for. It will really show you how this person handles stress in situations they are not prepared for.

2. Their level of spontaneity

The great part about travel is that you can often make the trip into whatever you want it to be. You can have every minute planned down to a T, or only have the plane ticket there and fly by the seat of your pants the rest of the time. Everyone wants to experience their trips differently –– and that’s okay! Traveling with someone will allow you to see how comfortable or uncomfortable they are with being spontaneous.

3. How they solve problems

A problem or two, whether big or small, will always arise during travel. There are many different styles of conflict resolution. Already being in an unfamiliar setting will really allow you to see their true nature in how they solve problems. This may blend well with your own or you may end up butting heads. Working through these conflicts will help you to both understand how and why the other person solves problems the way they do.

4. How much time alone they need

Some people are extroverts while others are introverts. Introverts may be more inclined to need a break from you and to have some time alone to regain their energy. Extroverts often sustain their energy by always being around others all of the time. Knowing what you need and learning what they need will help you both to find a balance of how much alone time you each require. No one wants to feel smothered or feel ignored.

5. What their interests are

Through traveling with someone, you will learn what interests them. It could be the culture of the area, the history, or the environment. They may want to spend a lot of time being active outside or they may be more interested in relaxing whenever they can. Everyone has different interests, and traveling is a great way to learn more about what matters to them outside of their normal settings.

6. What is important to them

Interests are just one of the many things that may be important to them. You may find that some of the previous things listed are important to them. Such as how much alone time they need, having the ability to pursue their interests, or not being controlled by having to be somewhere every minute of the day. You may also learn things of deeper meaning that are important to them. You may learn their goals, why they do certain things a certain way, what they want out of life, etc. Take this time together on a trip to really understand what is important to them in their life.

7. How they feel being pushed out of their comfort zone

This one shows up in many ways. You can tell how someone feels when they are pushed out of their comfort zone in almost every step of traveling. Some people become anxious by being pushed into a new setting, while others thrive under the change. When approached with the opportunity to do something spontaneous, some people are more keen to say “hell yeah”, while others say a big “no thank you”. Everyone reacts differently when being pushed out of their comfort zone. This is a great way to tell how they mix with your own level of comfort.

8. How organized they are

We’ve all heard of people being either Type A or Type B. Traveling can be the ultimate way to see someone’s true colors in this regard. Those who are Type A will be more likely to have everything planned out. They will have their suitcase packed up and organized in advance, and will always be on time. Where as a Type B traveler will be more open to spontaneity. They will want to have time to do what they want, they may not be very organized, and may pack at the very last second. Some people are a mix of both, but most lean one way or another.

Whether you are Type A or Type B, these are the 5 Items You Don’t Want to Forget!

9. Notice other sides of their personality while traveling

Traveling can cause people to have heightened emotions. With all of the opportunities to be stressed, excited, happy, nervous, frustrated, etc., it can bring out the extremes of their personality. This may show you different sides to your partners personality that you may not have seen before. Of course these are under extreme circumstances, but seeing how someone handles a situation can teach you a lot about them and their personality.

10. If you travel well together

When all is said and done, you will be able to know if you travel well together. Traveling allows you to learn more about the person you are traveling with. All of the things listed above will show you how compatible you are as travelers, and in life. You will learn a lot about what matters to them, how they act under uncommon circumstances that you don’t encounter in your daily life, and if you want the same things out of your travel experiences.

I hope these 10 things will help you feel more prepared during your first time of traveling with someone. I’d love to hear about your first time travel experiences with a partner/family member/friend in the comments. Or come share it with me on Instagram!

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10 Things You Learn About Someone by Traveling with Them